Starfish: Preschool 3-4 Years

In the Starfish classroom we have students who are 3-4 years old.  Our teacher to student ratio is 1:12 and a maximum of 24 students.

In this classroom, we will encourage a high level of independence.  Children will developmentally use the toilet (help will be given, if needed), however, children must be toilet trained to be in preschool.  Children will be encouraged to take on classroom responsibilities and their day will start to become more structured.  Your child will begin to participate in more directed learning opportunities in addition unstructured play time.

Getting to Know You

Once your child has been enrolled in Leah’s CLC and before his/her first day in the classroom, the classroom teachers will meet with you. Please complete the attached form, “Getting to Know You,” before the meeting. It is important that we learn a little about your child and understand the routines you have developed at home to help the adjustment go as smoothly as possible.


Parents are welcome in our classroom at any me. High quality early care and educa on is a partnership between families and teachers. The more you know about our program and the more the teachers know about you, the beter we can serve your child and your family. 

The best way to develop a partnership with your child’s teachers is to spend a few moments each day in conversa on. Tell the teachers about your child’s evening, likes and dislikes, and family and friends who are important in his/her life. Ask the teachers about your child’s day, the ac vi es he/she enjoys, the friends he/ she likes to play with, or progress in developing a new skill. If you have a ques on or just want to check in during the day, feel free to call. Teachers may not be able to talk during classroom me, however, the office staff will be happy to check in on your child. 

We keep track of your child’s meals, nap me, and ac vi es throughout each day on the Tadpoles program. When your child is picked up from school to go home, the informa on recorded for the day will be sent to you via the Tadpoles app or email. 

Curriculum & Child Guidance

We strive to provide a secure, nurturing, and s mula ng environment that encourages the development of our infants. Please read the Parent Handbook for detailed informa on about how we do this in all of our classrooms at Leah’s CLC. We follow the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards for Infants when implemen ng our curriculum. This means that we will be providing daily ac vi es that challenge our litle learners in language and literacy development, cogni ve development and general knowledge, physical well- being and motor development, social and emo onal development, and approaches toward learning. Feel free to check out all of the early learning standards at htp:// Above all, we strive to provide a home away from home for you and your child by giving cuddles, eye contact, one-on-one aten on, responding to needs promptly, using soothing and kind voices and words, and crea ng an envi- ronment of love and trust.

 Please bring the following items to school for your child. We recommend that you schedule a time to bring in these items before your child’s first day so that the first drop off is not hectic.  

  • At least two pair of weather appropriate extra clothing including shirts, pants, and socks. Pack clothing in gallon or larger resealable plastic bags and label with your child’s first and last name. 
  • Please do not bring toys from home. They might get lost or broken and it can be difficult for a child to share their special toys with the other children. 

Items to bring on a weekly basis: 

  • small blanket and small pillow for nap time
  • flush able wipes (if needed)

Items to bring on a daily basis: 

  • one labeled (first and last) sippy cup/water bottle for water throughout the day
  •  weather appropriate clothing
  • closed-toed shoes (no Crocs, please).  Sneakers are best!